Friday, December 25, 2009

End of the year already??

Wow.. this long already?? Sorry guys.. hehe..

Who would have guessed that its already end of the year and 2010 is only a few days away.. Mmm.. so did you guys manage to complete your 2009 resolution? hehe..

Latest update, so far I've just finished writing the music scores for Aurora, 24th AJL. I hope its ok but I guess we'll just have to hear how it sounds like on the day itself.. "Nervous" as usual...

Other than that.. we've been writing new songs lately.. about more than 10 of them..we've been experimenting in the studio.. but it is still incomplete tho.. however there is one song that's been done.. it's called Reach.. so lets just say if you guys out there manage to hear it, ENJOY! :)

Radio Rosak concert has been postponed till not sure when and I have no idea why.. I hope the organizers are doing fine coz they have been working hard trying to do something for the local bands and the local music industry.. oh well...then i guess i'll have the chance to go watch some friends and some new bands at RTW ..

mmmmmm... Din is fascinated with the movie Avatar.. hehe.. I think he saw the movie twice.. and hearing good remarks from friends, I just have to go and watch it.. so I went to watch it yesterday... cool new world concept and story line and the visual effects are superb.. their world reminds me of the ocean life e.g. the glow in the dark thing and the "jellyfish-like seeds".. hehe.. I shall go scuba diving soon..

Lastly, to all our Christian friends have a jolly Christmas and a Happy New Year to the rest of you!


Blogger Daniel Chiam said...

Merry Christmas Estranged and to everyone else too! The journey of 2009 has been very good so far but there is still a lot to be accomplish and 2010 is just going to be so exciting and life changing!

I love Avatar and I love the planet Pandora!

9:18 AM  
Blogger ♥Атίкάђ_ίкά♥ said...

Good luck AJL!!Happy new year, guys!!

12:13 AM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

gud luck 4 da AJL...luv estranged!!!

11:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i very..very..very..very miss you guy.i hope one day ken see u guy agian.HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 estranged!!


3:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i very..very..very..very miss you guy.i hope one day ken see u guy agian.HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 estranged!!


3:18 PM  
Blogger kaykay said...

gudluck estranged!!!!

2:20 PM  
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Anonymous yakuza said...

best performence korang kt ajl.walaupun x mng..korang ttp best

10:58 PM  
Anonymous Aishah Noordin said...

Good Luck Estranged for 2010!!

1:41 AM  
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Anonymous Yi said...

you guys sound very incubus-influenced.. is that right? not a bad thing.. would love to hear you live! when's the next gig?

12:10 PM  
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Blogger nur said...


When are u guys coming to singapore????
Im one of ur fans...Really wish that u guys could come to Singapore n make a concert or a alive perfomances.....
I always see u guys in tv but never ever got the chance to see u guys live....Come to Singapore PLSSSSSS..........

12:55 PM  
Blogger nur said...


when are u guys coming to singapore..??

I am one of ur fans. I always see u guys in TV or Com...PLs come down to Singapore for concert or live band!

Ur songs are great and different from the rest....

I really wish to see u guys up live.....Come on...PLSSSS......

3:34 PM  
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Anonymous m.etuci said...

hi estranged, i found ya band songs in which is UK based web stream music apps. But unfortunately the songs are not well tagged.(wrong metadata)if u have time, visit and check it there. I will try to contact the owner for it too.
Well im really quite surprise that your album is there in UK web, as right now currently the web is for UK people only. But its good to know u guys already move along for international! so proud to be malaysian.
Go estranged and and you re not remain unknown right?haha~

Best regards

11:32 AM  

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