Friday, January 26, 2007

ITU KAMU video premiere

Wassup guys, great news! Astro Ria picked up our video and they'll be premiering our music video for the very first time throughout Malaysian TV...

Tune in to Astro Ria (Channel 4 of your Astro) at 930pm on the 30th January 2007 for the programme Muzik@Ria, hosted by Yasmin Hani for the Malaysian premiere of the music video ITU KAMU by ESTRANGED exclusively on Astro Ria.

Apart from that, tune in to Astro Ria as well on Monday 29th January 2007, as ESTRANGED will be interviewed on the programme AF Fail Sulit at 9pm. There's also a short preview of ITU KAMU on the show.

I speak on behalf on the band, we all would like to thank Jack Wung the director and the mastermind for the beautiful video (you're one twisted lad!), Jimmy from Motion effects studio, Tim the DOP, Umi, Jacinta, Sashma (i hope i got the spelling right), Roy, Adlin, the rest of the crew whom i left out, the lovely 15 beautiful ladies who are featured in the music video, Jasmine, Syarizad, Stephanie Chen, Gurdev, Melina, Alia Yusof, Iryana, Rimona, Stephanie Balling, Tasha, Rachel, Anne, Zehan & Alia Soraya, and Deborah, anyone and everyone else who helped us making this video possible, Thank you very much....we hope this will take us all to another level.

I hope everyone will love the video, of course i'm in love with it, why wouldn't i? it's a video full of hot babes! not to mention my cousin's in it...try to figure out which one is she.....

anyhow, here's some other videos that you might find interesting....shot when we were at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Oh yea, we're leaving for Alor Setar in a few hours time for a show at CITY PLAZA 3pm, dropby if you're there.

Enha won't be able to come as he's in Singapore. Enha, if you're reading this, i'm just passing the message.......Din misses you.... hahaha..

Catch ya later guys...album will be out in about a week or two...confirmed! check our show listings and vote for our song on radio and tv pls!



Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Some Random Stuff Just to Kill Time

Going to Sabah was a good experience for me.. The people, the scenery, the FOOD!! not forgetting the Islands in Sabah.. Sipadan, Mabul.. Labuan..

Andy, Din, Izat and I tried the sumpit at Karambunai.. some of us manage to shoot the targets and some of us are just plain LOSERS!!! hahahahha..

So now I have two more states on my list that I have to visit.. Kelantan and Perlis..
I wish I could write more.. maybe later.. cant think right now.. its like 6 o'clock in the morning.. Haven't had my sleep yet.. Cheers..

Friday, January 12, 2007

Nature Calls in Kota Kinabalu

More videos to come. Beware but do look out for it!