Monday, April 28, 2008

MMU Melaka Prom Night

I hate it when i can't go to bed. It's like freaking 6:25am right now and i can't fucking go to sleep.
I guess there's just a lot of things going on in my head.

Oh well.

Here's some pics from the MMU Melaka Prom Night gig that we did back on the 12th of April.

thanks for coming up near stage

Video courtesy of Pokgaizai

and of course more pictures from APM '08

front row seats ya'll! (actually more like 3rd row la)

Receiving the "2nd" award, as we were hanging out outside when the 1st one was up

With the sexy mamas from Astro's Ria Sentral

The "after party" by ourselves in the corner, and yes, mineral water is good for you

Got to meet Armand of Gigi. Really down to earth dude. It's our honour. I've always been a fan ever since i heard of them in Malaysia.

Well, that's pretty much about it...

Gonna go prepare for AIM now. Till then, later!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

APM 2008 - thank you

Hahah, i think this pic is funny.. never knew the guys did it... hahaha

Anyway, thank you to everyone who have been behind us all these while...we all love you..
i seriously cannot wait for our new shit to be out...
more pictures to come!

Most popular and most popular song? what else could we ask for?

Thank you thank you thank you!

Long live independent bands.....


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Trip To Lanchang Pahang

Hey guys.. watsup?

I've been going to Pahang lanchang recently for work. I don't usually bring a camera around, but this time my bro's beloved gf brought her's.. So here are a few photos i am posting up to share with you guys.

Ok lets start from the beginning.. This is me infront of my hse. Yes i ride a bike and its my current hobby!

Thats my uncle sitting behind. It took us roughly around 45 mins to reach Lanchang Pahang.

This is my brother Krol, with his new zx r10. Suits him ei? This is his first bike ever and the trip to Pahang was his first long ride. He was nervous. Hahaha!

So the journey begins!

In karak highway.. The moment we hit the highway it was fun all the way! Scenary was beautiful..

For you guys out there who ride bikes.. RIDE SAFE!

After a long and thrilling ride, we finally reached lanchang. I've been going there of late for work. i've never been there or heard about it before, but it's actually a very nice place. Its located nearby TAMAN NEGARA Pahang, and i went there after work to visit some of the wild animals!

TADAAAA!! I think these are deer.. heheheh. Or Kijang maybe? I know for sure they aren't Sang Kancil!! Heheh. I bet you guys havent seen any Sang kancil.They're really small.

As you can see.. the deer are all around me. I feel like Robin Hood. Heheh

So many deers!! Yeeee.. at first i felt a bit scared, worried that some of the male ones may get jealous of the females following me around.. hehehe But then i noticed that they came up to me asking for bread too. =)

This fellow here.. I named him MILO. He s so cute and adorable. He followed us around until we left. Cute ei?
We're trying to 'pujuk' him to go back to his deer crowd, and trying to figure out how to tell him in 'deer' language.
As u can you can see, Mus finally managed to console him upon our departure.

Hehe.. After the deer visit, we visited ostriches birds, peacocks, hedgehogs and other wild animals. Sadly there were no macho animals like tigers, jaguars, pandas etc. I was hoping to see some should there be any.

In the end guess what? i met this bear!
He s with his trainer.. His name is MUDA. I know that cute animals like bears are usually the fierce ones. I heard alot of stories abt how bears can easily tear up humans to pieces. when i met MUDA i had my guards up.. To stand by in case he attacks me...

Krol was daring enough to go and hold the bear as if they knew each other for long. I was still in 'Stand by' Mode, in case if anything goes wrong.. scary scary. ( Im just pretending to look strong and act normal) Hehehehe..

i guess i was wrong. MUDA is friendly after all! Im feeding him with milk on my palm. He's not scary the way i thought a bear would be. This bear is cool.

This is how MUDA looks like. He s friendly and playful. As long you show him some love, he ll give the same reaction. MUDA Rules! hehe..

Ok, thats all folks.
Gotta go.. do check ESTRANGED in AIM.. Hope that we ll manage to bring back something.
And wait for the 2nd album.. Coming soon!

PS - Credit to grace for the photos. Tq! Tq!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Recording Gears

Hey guys, i've received alot of mails and questions from fellow musician friends asking about the gears i use for our 2nd album's recording. So i ll post some gears that i got yah?

Lets start with my guitar..

This is ATLAS NO BRAND guitar.. It looks like the PRS guitar but its not. hehe. I got it last year and it sounds great. I use this for live shows and recording. =)

Next is my amp..

This is the Super Duper MESA BOOGIE DUAL RECTIFIER. I've had it for like 4 months now and im deeply in love with it. After i got it, i stopped using distortion pedals. The distortion that i get from this Dual rectifier itself is waaaaayy to cool even for me.

ok here are few more effect pedals that i am currently using for the recording process.

The DUNLOP UNIVIBE. This effect produces chorus clean sound with vibrato and also if u adjust the speed it produces this great dark scary sound.. like umm out of tune vibrato sound. hmmm.. i dun quite know how to describe it in words though.. hahahaha! don worry u ll get to listen to it in the 2nd album. heheh

The Tremolo

The DD-6
This baby is cool.. not only does it produce delay sounds, it also has reverse and overdubbing effects. cool eh? heheh

Next is the Digitech Whammy
Oh this thing is so fun. There s 2 octave effects, 1 octave, and dive Bomb.. uuu yeeaahhh.. Whammy Yummy. heheh..

This is the only distortion pedal that im currently using. I use it for certain riffs then layer it with the mesa's distortion. Loving it! Hanafi and i sometimes use it to jam Marilyn Manson..Beautiful people!!!

Ok, so i think thats all folks! I have a few more but i need to take more pictures..
If u guys wanna know more bout our gears just let us know..
Will definitely share it!

Stay tune.. Estranged 08.
Yours Truthfully
Din Hormatov....

Monday, April 14, 2008


I think it's safe to say that we're about 40% done with our album recording... i know! i know! it's taking forever isn't it?

We're more excited than any of you trust me. But so far so good, what's done has been sounding great.

We just came back from Melaka for the weekend, had a lot of fun performing for MMU's Prom Night at Hotel Equatorial. Nice to see all the students suited up, coming up front to the stage, to sing and party with us. Now that's really rocking up! Also had my chance to dropby to the one of the more happening clubs in Melaka called Pure bar...... it was massively packed.. i was there with Steph Chai, Jien, DJ Uno and lots of other friends..... it was nice to catch up with Steph and Jien (who were both the emcees for the prom), haven't seen them both for quite a while. Ironically, i know Jien when i was like 7 yrs old or so.. yeah we go way back....

Anyhow, awesome news!
We recently found out that we've been nominated for 2 categories in this year's Anugerah Industri Muzik, for Best New Artiste and Song of the Year (Itu Kamu la of course!)
And it's also our pleasure to know that we're invited to perform at AIM -15, so we're definitely gonna play a new song la....Question is, should we play a new english song? or a new malay song? What do u think? AIM is happening on the 3rd May 2008 at Putra World Trade Centre.

We're also nominated for 2 categories for Anugerah Planet Muzik under the "Kumpulan/Duo paling popular" and "Lagu paling popular". However this award show is happening like this week, 20th April 2008 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

So pleas do wish us luck. We're not expecting to win anything. We're more honoured to be nominated than anything else.

Shit, that's a real long post ain't it?

I hope you're not asleep yet.

I'll upload some pics up if i find any okay.

Take care!