Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hi, Im rich, im a very moody person, this is because im in a rock band. I like anything and everything that got to do with metal. I like metal. Metal is me, and metal is my life. Right now im very sleepy, i told them not to take my picture but they still snap my picture. Im angry. I dont like ppl to take my picture when im sleepy. Because i don like ppl to see when i sleep.

This is me when i sleep.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pix for your fix

Jamming sessions at 2105 studios. Recording for Xgig Extended Live. Always a pleasure working with them...

four wheelers... cool vehicle.. wish we could take one home and ride it along the hoods..

I am Din. I am 25 years old. I like trees. My friend is taking my picture. I am happy. I play the guitar. I wear singlet a lot. It's a very nice day. I wish I can come here everyday. Can you see me or just the tree, hehehe. I don't think so someone should stick paper on tree.

Jelajah Era In Penang

Hey guys, how is it goin? Its been awhile we didn post up any blog.
We've been very busy with work etc. Hope you guys are doing great as always..

We're in Penang at the moment. Im in the room with Andy and Rich. We just had our dinner at this place called LINE CLEAR. The best Nasi kandar i ve ever tasted before. Our stomach is so big right now like Sean Kingston. Hehe.

Hanafi is out somewhere in Batu Feringgi with our great crews, they went makan makan late night seafood i guess. They should be back soon and we can start our pillow fight.

Oh, recently we got sponsored by Perodua. They gave us 4 MYVI SE so that we can use it for our tour nationwide. Very reliable and great car to drive i must say. Thank you Perodua =)

Ei, i got some pictures for you guys to see.
On our journey to Penang. With our cute and badass Myvi cars.

From the side view, with the bands name on it. =)
after a long tiring drive, we stopped and grab a quick bite. Cant remember exactly which stop is this. But i can assure you that we've showed no mercy to the food.

some of the food that we had for lunch. Rojak penang, kuew teow with duck egg, century eggs, sotong, fried sotong, and many more.

The Hungry Hanafi.

Im sorry, we didnt manage to take any pictures during our performance, since everyone is occupied with their responsibilities.
ok guys, i ll update the blog very soon with more pictures of our recent activities.

Do check out the band schedule in myspace for upcoming shows.
Thanks for the support guys, really appreciate it.

Din Hormatov.