Monday, September 08, 2008

Story in pictures, ESTRANGED @ Soundrenaline Pekan Baru

Wassup everyone,

Managed to squeeze some free time in, and i decided to tell u guys more on our journey to Indonesia recently. Here's how it's gonna go, less text, more pictures!


Hanafi looking sad or tired? i don't know. Waiting to board the plane at LCCT

Finally! Touchdown at Pekan Baru (flight was only 45 mins)

Stickers of bands all over the bus, spot Estranged!

Reached the lovely hotel, and got our welcome drinks

gosh, i miss the hotel, it was amazing, it has huge hallways!

a scene of us fighting for our rooms

but in the end, we decided to bug Rich, so we all hung out there. Rich: ah shit...!

we're bored, we wanna explore PB

managed to find a massage spa! while the others are booking for our slots tomorrow, me and hanafi are just chilling

no supermans here!

bunch of lost kids

hung out at this mall called Ska! L to R Marcel (my drum tech), Kamarul & Rowen (Enha & Din's guitar tech's respectively), me, Ken, Rich, Din & Enha

spotted a banner of the gig

our relaxation time at the hotel pool

drinking n snacking up

family potrait

next morning's breakfast! wasn't too good

heading to soundcheck

more space for us to pollute

our stage

andainya...aku tahu, erti nya......

ok we're done, let's get the fuck out of here

one for the cameras with the team

mm..... we're hungry!

voila! Nasi bebek!

and a lil sneak of the setting for Soundrenaline

to be continued................................

coming up next! the press conference and event day!

see ya soon