Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Yang Pernah Berlaku

I'm glad that the song is out already.. Hopefully certain people won't label us or relate us to Itu Kamu only anymore.. Don't get me wrong, we do cherish all of our songs.. Hehehe.. All the magic that happened was recorded at Studio 21:05.. Here's a tour of what happened during the recording of Yang Pernah..


Andy's first day on the job..

Ken is recording the bass parts for us in this album.. so everyone say HI!!

Rich recording the vocal guides..

The Vicious

I'm just messing around

Jedi's tweaking Din's amp..

Our shy manager..

Steven from the band Pitbull Inc was there to help.

This is what they do during their free time in the studio.. Andy's waiting in line for the grooming session.. Hahahaha...

Vinder thanks for everything.. Cheers!


We used 4 different guitars for the recording.. Din's PRS copy custom made guitar, my Fender Jag Stang, Jedi's Line 6 Variax 700 and my friends Fender Highway 1 Telecaster..Oh I forgot.. plus one La Patrie classical guitar.. The Guitar Store was nice enough to lend me one specifically for this song..

Through out this whole recording process Din is using his Mesa Dual Rectifier Solo Head 100 connected to a Line 6 cabinet. I'm using a Vox AC 30 CC 2X. I can assure you that Vox amps do pack a punch on the guitar sound, will elaborate more on the Vox amps on my next blog. You can check CK Music.


Warning! Please use the drill with parental guidance..
(Din's pick splits into half)

Friday, June 20, 2008

A Mild Soundrenaline 2008 & the MV premiere

The theme this year is "Free Your Voice". What am i talking about? Yeaps. It's the A Mild Soundrenaline 2008 which we're invited to play for. This time around, Soundrenaline will be touring around 5 states in Indonesia, and we'll be playing for 2 out of the 5 spots, which will be in Pekanbaru on July 13th and Medan on July 20th. We don't know what to expect, but we're excited.

Take a look at a couple of pics that i've googled.

Crazy isn't it? Try googling it yourself, you might find more crazy ass pics

Anyhow, we're just hoping to rock the crowd over in Indonesia. Not too sure who else we'll be sharing the stage with but I think Nidji will be performing as well. So wish us luck, and if you're really into the whole rock festival thingy, A Mild Soundrenaline is the festival you'd wanna go for.

Apart from that, the music video for "Yang Pernah" will be going on air throughout this week and the next for the very first time on nationwide tv!!

Check out the times of airing:

Saturday 21st June 11pm on 8TV's Quickie

Tuesday 24th June 8am on Malaysia Hari Ini TV3

Thursday 26th June 5pm on Ria Sentral Astro Ria Channel 104

and here's a teaser.... during our shoot of course

Hope you will like the video.

Oh Germany just made it into the semis! I expected Portugal to go through.... oh well.

Forza Italia!


Monday, June 16, 2008

Sincere Apologies

Apologies to anyone who was looking forward to us performing at the recent Hall of Sounds'08 gig. We didn't manage to perform in the end of the event due to the delay of the event. I personally had to leave even before the time our slot had arrived. Initially we were scheduled to perform at 815pm, however due to the nature of events getting delayed, our slot got pushed a lil bit later, which was fine, at least till other bands wanted to play just before us which would mean our slot would only be delayed even further. My personal appointment was at 10pm, by 1030pm, we still weren't up on stage. Bear in mind, i had already informed the organizers prior to their notice. It's all good. We're still here to stay, we'll see you at other shows.

Details on the right of this blog!


Monday, June 09, 2008


Hey boys and girls, hows everyone?

Ok on the 14th june we ll be playing in MCPA for HALL OF SOUNDS event.
There ll be 28 band s such as Pop Shuvit, Meet uncle hussein, muck, couple, komplot, The mighty mighty BLIND TRIBE, and lot more playing on 2 different stages.

We re really looking forward for this event, its been awhile we didnt have the opportunity to share stage with those cool bands!

Venue ; MCPA
Time ; 1PM till late

Ticket ; RM32 (Pre Sale)
; rm35 (At event)

Ps ; Do come and lets head bang, mosh, dance, chill and have fun together!!! =)

Din Hormatov

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Making of Yang Pernah

These are some of the pictures taken from our recent trip down under... and it ain't Australia... hehe... Singapore.

Yes.. Our next video for our next single is done.. We hope that when its ready, you guys will enjoy it as much as we do.

The director of the video, Ms. Karen, explaining to us how the video was to be done.

One of the scene scrapbook, used by the production team, setting up an eventful and organized shoot.

At the location, Din and Izat, who will play bass for the video, had taken some time to have a little adventure of their own.

Din's Scene.

Mirror mirror on the wall, tell me who's the prettiest of them all...

Playing Dead.

Mr. Twirl.

Towards the end.

To the video, Karen and a whole day's work..
Cheers matey...