Wednesday, April 29, 2009

JB ( Johor BahRu) Radio Rosak Pics.

Hey guys, how you guys doing? ok, i think Andy has already told you guys about our JB Radio Rosak tour moments. Yeah! it was great. We had fun and looking forward for the next JB gig if there s any in the future!

I have few pics here to share it with you guys. Enjoy!

This pic was taken during the soundcheck at the Stadium Tertutup majlis Bandaraya Johor Bahru. They have two stages for the gig. Nicely set up.

Our dedicated crews setting up the bands equipments the day before the gig. We trained them like soldiers. Gotta wake up them early in the morning to do 10km marathon , 800 push ups, swim to Singapore and make a swim back to Jb for the soundcheck. Cos , they're Hardcore. Except for Rich. He didnt wanna be part of it. Thats why la Boncit..Hahaha!
This is me and Hanafi on the way to the venue for the soundcheck. Too exhausted from the military hardcore training till we look like North Korean Hardcore soldiers.

Finally, there u go. We're up on stage. Cant really see the rest of the guys since we all wore black tshirts. Rich is singing his lungs out. Think we're playing Aurora at this moment.
We played 7 songs, the set was roughly around 45 mins and the crowd was awesome!

Here we have videos for you guys to see.. enjoy!

Credit to our belove MC for the pics and vids.

Ps / Do check out the bands schedule for upcoming shows. Hope to see u guys at our shows!


Monday, April 27, 2009

Radio Rosak Tour: Johor Bahru

Man, it's a pity i don't have any pictures from the JB gig we just did. It was awesome. Great turn out, and the moshpit was crazy. Orang JB, you guys memang rock sampai gila la wei!!! :D
Even for "Aurora" we got ppl bodysurfing la..... hahah.. cool shit.

And you guys who have been voting for "In No Time", it's no. 1 now apparently (right Sue Ann?). So thank you so much!!! Which means we need to vote as much to keep it at no. 1 then! haha...yeah. so basically we have to vote for it till it's out of the charts la... :D

and aCe+, read your review, thanks a lot man, glad you enjoy the album.

Anyhow, hope one of the guys will post up the pics once we get 'em. It's gonna be a short break for us in May. Off for holiday till a gig on May 23rd. So till then, peace!

p/s: Rich snores like a cow.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

MET 10

Malaysian English Top 10

Let's try to make "In No Time" number 1!!!

Click here to vote

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I forgot

Never got the chance to put this up. Yeaps, got to meet Jason Mraz and interview him a little bit for Astro Hitz. He seems to be a very nice guy and very easy to chat to. He's one of those "down to earth" celebrities i guess. But he sure looked "high" as hell when he was performing :D

Sunday, April 05, 2009

march 28, 2009 - misquote

mstar online: aim 16: estranged ungguli 8 pencalonan

Taken from the article above, which quoted the band

“Kami yakin salah sebuah lagu kami akan menang tidak kira kategori Lagu Rock Terbaik atau Lagu Inggeris Tempatan Terbaik. Jika menang, kami mahu ‘perform’,” ulas Estranged yang bakal muncul dengan album baru pada tahun depan.”

In response to that, the band would like to state that no such comment was ever given out to the media, and that such comments about winning is most definitely not the band’s style. The statement above is a definite misquote. The band’s management is notifying the right authorities from Mstar online to rectify the comments.


and on April 1st, The response by Siti Azira Binti Abd Aziz of mStar.

mStar online ingin memohon maaf atas kesilapan menulis kenyataan Estranged iaitu ‘Kami yakin salah sebuah lagu kami akan menang tidak kira kategori Lagu Rock Terbaik atau Lagu Inggeris Tempatan Terbaik.’ dalam artikel ini.

Kesilapan berlaku disebabkan masalah teknikal.


We'd like to thank mStar for rectifying this mistake. Thanks.

Friday, April 03, 2009


Yo, whatsup?

Cant sleep and im bored. So i've decided to blog like a true blogger. Hehe.
Problem is, i have nothing to blog bout. Haha! Bet all of you are sleeping like a baby at this moment. Lucky You!!! Im wide awake like my hamster. They re active at night. Sigh.
I went jamming with the guys last night for this coming Saturday shows. Day time in Pavillion and Later at night in OU for AXN Challenge. We had this guy, named Joe helping us out as a bassist. Pity him, he gotta learn like 8 songs for this weekend. Haha. I feel ur pain brother, thanks for helping us out. Really appreciate it!

Ok, So How do you guys like the In no time video? Did u manage to see urself in it?
I remember we all had backache, pain at the neck and legs due to the headbanging and jumping.
But it was fun right? I had fun. The guys had fun. Hope u guys had fun too. Hehe.

Right now im counting sheeps. Its not working. Let me try to replace the sheeps with Hanafi. ........1 hanafi.. 2 hanafi.. 3 hanafi.........4 hanafi... 5 han.....6 ha........ 7.... ok dats it. Its not working still.
Nvm, i ll just hangout with my hamster then.

Anyway, Hope to see u guys this saturday. Either in Pavillion or in OU (One Utama ). Lets do the Mosh like In no time vid again!

Talk to you guys later.
Nite nite.