Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I think that's August is in Indonesian.

Anyhow, just here to talk a bit about our next performances. First of all, we've been invited to be the guest band for Samsons' album launch over here in Malaysia. There'll be two shows, one at Bar Savanh Too in Mon't Kiara on the 31st of July, and the other at Republik, Sunway Piramid on the 1st of August. Both shows start at 8pm.

On the 2nd of August we'll be performing at a mini concert like event which is organised by HP. It's gonna be at Berjaya Times Square 730pm onwards on the 2nd of August. HP is launching their new HP Pavilion TX2000 Entertainment Series, and apparently there's gonna be lots of games and competitions to win their products. If that's the case, I'm in for it man! I wanna win my self a HP laptop or whatever!

More importantly, it's gonna be a 45 mins set from us, so yeah, we haven't been doing that for a while have we? We'll be playing our new stuff from the upcoming album "Remain Unknown", so yeah, if you're free and bored on Saturday night, join us at Berjaya Times Square la..... and all of us will go crazy.... but stay away from the games and competitions, cos I want to win that HP thingy :D

We've also finished the entire recording session for the album, and we're already on the mixing stage..... Another step closer to completion!!! It'll be out real soon la guys..... don't wanna give you a date yet, cos then it might not happen on that date and then you're gonna get pissed with me. Anyhow.... hope to see you at our shows!

Take care and god bless!

Friday, July 25, 2008

At the Press Conference (Pekan Baru)

More pics and vids coming soon....

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Update from Indonesia

Greetings everyone!

I'm blogging from the hotel room in Medan, right now it's about midnight here, and it has been a long day..

we arrived to Medan from Jakarta at about 1pm.... we didn't really sleep the night before in Jakarta, we kinda went out till late :D

and today was just a full day of activities, we had a press conference to attend, and then the organisers were so kind to take us around the city with a humvee along with the other bands... and then interview with Visi FM (Medan's no.1 radio station), more interviews with Rolling Stones & LOUD mag...

Now we're hanging out and waiting for a chance to soundcheck for tommorow's show..

i want to sleep, but then i also want to hang out and chat with everyone..
oh well..that's just me..

sorry no pictures for now guys!

See ya soon.. i wanna go look for food now..

hungry la... the nasi padang we had for lunch was good!!

take care!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Playing with the Big Boys

It was the launch of the Nike T90 II, and i was invited to play football against some celebrities and also some of our Malaysian football pros and legends. It was my honour not only because of the players that i was gonna play with, but also because at that point, the football boots was not released yet, so i was gonna be one of the first to wear them in Malaysia, and Nike was kind enough to give me a pair. Thanks Nike!

Here's some of the pics.

The Nike T90 II

Walking to the pitch!

.......and the clash!

Classic picture of Landslyde of Dragon Red pancit while Joe Flizzow dribbles

One for the cameras! Notice Dollah Salleh, Zainal Abidin Hassan, Adam C, Syed Adney, many other Malaysian pros and friends from media!

And this is where i have to brag la, my team won the friendly 3-2 with me bagging two goals, one of them courtesy of Adam C's "Paul Robinson" mis kick! :D You're the man Adam Poon!

Well, that's my personal agenda sometime ago, now back to the band!

Sharing the stage with some familiar names!

Indonesia here we come! We'll be leaving for Pekan Baru in a couple of days! Expect pictures and news here soon!!!!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Remain Unknown



silakan puas sudah disuruh
nyatakan mimpi yg tak pernah lengkap
lakukan apa saja yang kamu mampu
sudahlah biar yg telah lalu
lapaskan kesemua yg pernah ada
alihkan kalau ada masih tertinggal

cukuplah kalau
beratnya ada
disamping kamu

andainya aku tau
ertinya disuruh
semua yg pernah minta

tibalah waktu untuk bersedar
kerana giliran sudah menyeru
yg pasti yg panggil itu suci lagi
berilah sedikit untuk aku
hilangkan rasa hati yg tak percaya
biarkan dia yg bilang jgn lagi

andainya aku tau
ertinya disuruh
semua yg pernah minta

andainya aku cari
dimana dituju
semua yg pernah jumpa

jangan minta yg lebih
kerana tiada yg memberi
yg ada cuma mungkin kamu disini

oh tunjukkanlah aku yang benar


We'll be performing with two other amazing bands this Sunday at Ruums Bar & Club in KL.

This flyer's a lil outdated, we'll be sharing the stage with Love Me Butch, and They Will Kill Us All. The few bands that are really interesting to watch and hear!

Join us for the gig! It's FREE.

See ya at Ruums, 2pm onwards this Sunday 6th July.