Saturday, February 23, 2008

I love drums. I guess it's kinda like a hobby now for me to collect brand new snares..... and maybe also cymbals.

I just ordered myself 2 brand new snares in Dec and finally, it has arrived here in KL a few days ago.

Here's how they kinda look like.

This one's a transparent acrylic

and this one's a 16ply with a really really cool wrap around it.

If you're wondering how it sounds like, it's gonna be in the album la... so you can hear...haha

Oh yeah, these snares are from Spaun Drums from the United States.

Tommorow night, Spurs is playing against Chelsea. There's only one man you can count on.

All hail the Bulgarian God!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Preparation for AJL

Syukur Alhamdulillah..

Being in AJL was an experience that we would never forget.. I think we all learned a bit more of the Malaysian music industry day by day.. The preparation for the final show was a headache for all of us but I guess it went well in the end..

Meet The Family

We owe our crews a lot..I think we would be in a mess if we didn't have them with us.. They are a part of the family.. Our Manager, Mr Vinder (the one with the cap), our sound engineer, Anthony (a.k.a Tiny - the huge guy standing on the left), Batak is our monitor engineer (the dude with the hood), our lighting consultant, Izzat and stylist, Izwin (both are sitting behind Din), my guitar tech and friend, Ian Lam ( standing on the furthest right), Din's guitar tech, Khim (the guy in green), Andy's drum tech which is his own brother Dino and our bass sessionist for the show, Melina William from the band Tempered Mental - . Not forgetting our good friend MC ( she is sitting between Din and Andy) for being there to help us tapau food.. hehe..

* Izzat from Auburn & Neomedicus-

* Izwin from The Otherside Orchestra & Plush -

* Dino from Frequency Cannon -

The Arrangement of Itu Kamu for AJL & The Score for The Strings Section

We only took 2 days to finalize the arrangement of Itu Kamu for AJL.. We all agreed that it should be simple and not losing the essence of the song itself..

I was given the task to write the score for the strings section.. I was nervous about it.. 2 reasons.. One is because of Ramli MS.. He is one of the highly respected composer and arranger in Malaysia and he is very strict when it comes to work..Secondly, its because of my first time writing for a real live strings section.. I have written scores for my college project a lot of times but most of them ended up being sequenced..

It took me roughly 5 days of not enough sleep to finish the 15 pages score and plus it was overdue.. hahaha.. busted..

We had problems with the arrangement along the way.. I'm not gonna talk about it coz it's gonna be a long... long... long... story. All I can say that we had to change the arrangement one more time before the final show..

I wouldn't say that my strings arrangement was great but its a start for me to write more to improve myself.. I learned that Ramli MS is actually a nice guy after all but I know when it comes to work, you just have to make sure you do it properly and do it right..


We were glad and thankful that TOPMAN and TOPSHOP decided to sponsor us their clothes for AJL.. Our stylist Izwin and Izzat helped us choose the clothes..

"Rich - Cikgu"

"Andy - Mr Arrogant"

"Din - Confused"


Din is trying so hard to be like Ariel.. sigh

Din's Mesa is being warmed up for the show

Izwin is doing her magic..

All of us were worried backstage

Thumbs up

In The Hall

The Trophy

Thank you everyone for their hardwork and to our family, our friends & the fans for their love and support.. Cheers!!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Pictures at AJL

Thanks guys... It doesnt stop here.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Thank you, thank you, thank you

We would love to thank every single person who sent us an email, commented on myspace, texted us personally and every single other fucking method of congratulating us... a very big thank u to you.

We're ecstatic and we can only promise you that we will work harder right away. Let's do it for the malaysian music industry.

Okay to be honest, Hanafi's supposed to update this blog, but Hanafi being Hanafi, it'll take him about 25 yrs to put up one post :D...... well here's one pic that was edited by Mr. Hanafi himself.... he's got dude, please! upload the rest, i'm just starting to get things off....

If i'm not mistaken, this was taken just moments before hitting the stage, and yes! i know you guys are asking, what's with Din's look... immediately after this pic was taken, he ran to the toilet to take a dump...... :P i'm kidding! :D

i just realised we don't have a pic of the trophy, would love to post it up here too... oh well, next time la..

However, the very next day after winning, we got a call from an event organiser, they want us to share the stage with some pretty cool artists. The event's called Sunburst KL International Music Festival.
It's happening on the 15th of March 2008 at the Polo Field, Bukit Kiara Equestrian Country Resort.
Here's just the list of some of the performers.


The Roots

John Legend

and many more....
you can find out more details of the festival at

We hope to see you there. More importantly, i hope to see more pics from Hanafi.