Saturday, October 18, 2008


Hey guys, how is it going?

Last night we had a great time performing at Latte@8. When they approached us few weeks ago, we thought of playing something that we ve always wanted to play.

Lately, we Malaysians have witnessed a lot of tremendous events happening in our own homeland.
Where its already started to bug not only us, but most Malaysians. The politic crisis has caused so much damage in Malaysian citizens life, making most Malaysians feel insecure in our own home land.

We really dont wanna be part of any of it, but in the end, we realized that as much as we love our country and the people around us, it is necessary as youngters to voice out our views regarding issues such as ISA, CORRUPTIONS, DEMOCRACY, and most importantly the issue of RACISM that has been exploited for politics purpose.

It is important for us to do our part rather than have Malaysians suffer racial separation due to corrupt politicians that seek to feed their agendas. Wouldn't it be nice to see Malaysians unite and stand strong against this regardless of RACE, RELIGION, and CULTURE.
What's important is we're MALAYSIANS.

Finally, the band decided to play one of the new english songs which is called 'The Slave In Us". This song is based on our personal observations and thoughts regarding the situation.

We have designed few Tshirts to voice out our concern at the moment which is ISA.
We know this approach may be a great risk, but what the hell. Rather than sit and write love songs, we would rather be apart of of the fight against this injustice.

Din and Rich during soundcheck.

Andy with his drum tech (Arif) and some help from 8tv crew to fix his drumset.

We had soundcheck from 8ish till 10pm. We had Dj Nasty (The Latte@8 Dj Boy) to help us play some voice tracks for the set.

Mr Hanafi a.k.a enha killing time with Krol and grace while waiting for others.
This time we had our former bassist which is Mr Ken to help us for the set.
Ladies and gentlemen, Mr Ken. He dropped his bass on the floor during soundcheck. The floor cracked, but his bass was fine. How cool was that? =)

And the show begins...

We had our Tshirts on. With NOISA on it with few different designs.
Right infront of us, we see few representative from MALAYSIAKINI who came down. We didnt expect to them to come after sending them invitation. We're thankful and glad to have them with us.

Interview session with MALAYSIAKINI after show. I was too excited about the whole thing i guess. Rich and Hanafi was looking around to see if there s any snipers. Lol!

After that we hangout with everyone who came for the band. Thank you so much for the support and love. More shows coming do check out our website to see the schedule.

Hope to see you guys in the future.
God bless.
Din Hormatov

Thursday, October 09, 2008

We're back!!!! "NOISA"

Hey guys..

Sorry for the long quiet during puasa month.. I have been busy with my internship, Din has been busy with his diet plans, Andy is just around and Rich was away in KK. For your information the album is currently in printing production. Me and the boys are thrilled and can't wait for the album to be out in stores on 13th October 2008 (which is next Monday).

Thanks Vig for the Amazing album cover.

There are 13 songs in the new album Remain Unknown:

1) This World
2) Yang Pernah
3) Masa
4) In No Time
5) We Remain Unknown
6) Enjoy The Ride
7) Tarikh Tutup
8) Destination
9) Ketika Ini
10) My Fascination
11) Aurora
12) Dances Of The Spirits
13) The Slave In Us

Some of you may have heard it on the radio already, but we'd like to officially announce that "AURORA" is the 2nd single from the album. Will upload it on the net soon.


Oh!! dont forget to tune in to
X FM (click here to check the frequencies for your area) tomorrow (10 October) !! Its gonna be Hari Estranged where the new album will be premiered from 10am till 10pm. We will be interrogated live by Cham & Burn at 8pm. We will be jamming a surprise acoustic song and also we will be revealing the SECRET PASSWORD for the contest below.

The Contest

Look out for this magazine!

For those who wants to try to win the album, our merchandise and some other goody bags, grab a copy of this month's (October) 4Play magazine (it's FREE!!) at any Starbucks outlets or you can participate in the online contest at

All you have to do is answer trivia questions about the band & the new album. Just remember to have the SECRET PASSWORD to be eligible for the contest.

Junksounds AWARDS 2008

We just got news from April from Junk Magazine that we have been nominated in the Biggest Star Power for Junksounds Awards 2008. Do vote for us here.

Public voting ends on 30 November 2008. Results for the Junksounds Awards 2008 will be out in the January 2009 issue.

Come see us!

Do check our event listing on our website and myspace. You can also purchase our album and merchandises at our gigs and you may receive a big hug from Andy and a wet kiss from Din with every purchase (girls only, while stock last).. hahahahhaha

Anyway, hope to see you guys at Latte @ 8 on the 17th October 2008 at Starbucks Sunway Pyramid (old wing) at 11pm. Come and support our fight!!


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