Thursday, May 22, 2008

The things we were doing

So we had a great time playing at Laundry recently. Here's some random pics....

pics courtesy of Vignes Balasingam

We also had an interview the very next day with Channel V's My AMP..... so look out for that, we don't know when exactly it's going on air, but we'll inform you asap once we know when it's going on.

At Palette palette for Channel V's My AMP interview

Interesting story, this guy with the camera is Mr. Vignes Balasingam he will be helping us design our album cover for our second album (the album's still unnamed, we're still arguing on it!) and of course he'll be handling the photographs for the album and some promo shots as well.

Apart from that, i'm also proud to announce that.............................................................

I'm done with my drum tracks for the second album!!!!! ...... all 13 of them... not sure if all of them are gonna be in the album or not...but oh well.........we'll have to see.

and yeahh...

We're heading to Singapore this weekend!!!! For our music video shoot for the first single. The song's called "Yang Pernah". We're all running around like headless chicken right now. I think we're gonna stay in some whore house to save money la! hahah.....

Till then, see ya around

Friday, May 09, 2008

Music You Night

We've been very picky with gigs recently, of course, our main focus for now is to finish up the album. But we've decided to take this one for a number of reasons. It's been a while since we played in Laundry Bar @ The Curve. Plus this phone looks pretty cool la. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Motorola ROKR E8

Haven't really seen the phone by my own eyes yet, but somehow I feel as though it seems pretty interesting. It's more of a music phone (obviously la, it's called the ROKR, pronounced "rocker"??) and i wonder if it's like a touch thing on the pads. Hmmm... oh well, I'll have to wait and see.

Anyway, we're performing for the launch of this respective phone on May 14th at Laundry Bar, should be around 8pm ish....... we'll definitely be playing our new tunes.. Gonna be a trial and error kind of thing but we'll promise you a good show! So yeah, come lepak with us....we'd be more than happy to.

Alongside us would be performances by Karen Nunis Blackstone, a very talented violinist Dennis Lau, and rockers "Kiri"

Pretty wide range of genre ain't it? All the more fun.

See you there boys and girls.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

At the AIM's in pictures

The Crew. Thanks guys... Really awesome to have you all around...

The band of the night. Pop Shuvit manage to bring home an AIM award, which they deservedly won.

At the back.. Just hanging...

At the red... i mean blue carpet walk thru... Detour for a short interview.

Velocity featuring Izat on bass..


Kalis Rindu... Kalis Pilu...

Ladies, do not fret... It's just Elaine Daly...

We've Got Energie!

Estranged had the privileged of wearing the clothing line.

Surely, the clothes that was sponsored were quite fashionable and suited the band's image and style.

Thanks Energie..

Till the next time.