Sunday, November 25, 2007

Muzik Muzik Semifinals

So we're nominated into the semifinals of this year's Muzik Muzik...which will lead up to Anugerah Juara Lagu which is pretty much the finals. Well, i don't know what to hope for, but i guess god will put us in our place la.
So the past few days we've been busy with rehearsals for the show and soundcheck and what ever not. Here's some shitty video and pics that we took la... more to come i guess..... as usual, we're weird mother fuckers, that' why we're Estranged.

Fucking Camwhore.

The rest of the boys jamming as Artist Manager Vinder (the cool chap with the cap) looks on.

So if you're free tommorow, you can dropby to Plaza Alam Sentral in Shah Alam at about 8ish i would say. The show goes live at 9pm.....if not, just watch TV3 for the live telecast la.... that's a lot easier right?

Alrightey.. Ciaos!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

8tv Youth Tour

What a night!!!! It was the best night ever, especially if you get to perform in front of such intriguing, fun, responsive and not to forget, supportive fans.

Views from the front... where the audience never seem to tire themselves. A lot of Sabahans around too. hehe...

These are the kinda fans you need to have for all the gigs in Malaysia. They were even chanting Itu Kamu. How Awesome!!!

And here you could see the three posers of Estranged... And look closely at Din... I knew something smelled funny. Hahahahaha!!!!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

In November

It's the beginning of the month and i feel like we've got a looooong month coming up...
We've been jamming like nobody's business, i don't think we've jammed as much as this before. But i have to say, it's been god progress and the second album is turning out to be something that i just can't wait to put it out in stores....

We're also gonna be involved in this years Muzik Muzik: Separuh Akhir (Semi-finals).... we're up against lotsa big names such as Jaclyn Victor, Felix, Andy Flop Poppy, Datuk Siti Nurhaliza, and many more....we're obviously not hoping for anything, but yeah, we're just gonna go there do our part and see how things go la...
*fingers crossed*!!! That's all happening on the 25th of November 9pm TV3.

anyhow, off to jamming again, it's been crazy i tell you, quite tiring also la..

but to end of on a high note, here's a video you might find interesting!
Rich lost a bet during a card game...and this was his dare....
Running around with just his boxers at a shopping mall, he's lucky it was quite a quite area...ehhehe

Sorry Rich! :D
Till later then.


Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Making of Itu Kamu

Hey guys, hope you'll enjoy this "never been seen footage". Yeap, the beginning of Itu Kamu. The recording sessions. Maybe it's a bit too outdated but I guess it's not over till it's over. Hehe, excuses. Well, I couldn't have made this if I didn't get a new laptop. Yes, time for me to boast. I got a Vaio. Hehehehe. The reason to how i could import the videos from my dvd cam, edited the clips and post it right here..

Going back to the video, you will see all five members, Ken included and Jedi, from Pop Shuvit, who engineered the whole session. Also a glimpse of Anthony, a.k.a Tiny who was to travel around with Estranged, as their stage sound engineer, later on from here. And the video is also taken by someone anonymous who requested to remain unknown. Hehe, mysterious. You could hear him laugh, that's all. Some might even say, that I was still on a good diet at that time, which I am finally admitting. Thus, my confession of the recent admission to the famous Fitness First franchise. Yes I go to the gym nowadays. The rest, Hanafi with his ever changing hairstyle. Din, no changes there. And Andy, still, very tall.

We were having the best times recording though i did not include most of the clips where we were sharing our ideas on the song, and also the discussion we had on the album's cover. The 7 minute video will let you see methods use by us while recording, and editing time. You will also see Ken Chung record with Estranged for the last time, though I wouldn't say it'll be imminent.

I still like to say my special thanks to Ken, a friend, a former member of Estranged, and probably always will. To Jedi, for the work he's thrown for us. Anthony, for, yea, the help and mystery man, for being the camera man. Cheers.

Lastly, here's to you, from me, one of the first many videos to come.