Sunday, August 17, 2008

X Fresh X Gig IV

Hey guys! Watsup!! Hows things?

Its been awhile since i last posted anything here, so today i wanna share with ESTRANGED fans what
we've been doing lately.

Yesterday, we played for Xfresh X GIG IV. The event was held in BORNEO RAINFOREST at Sunway. I brought along my camera. Its my moms actually. hehehe.

We were there since 1030am for soundscheck, cos according to them the event will start at 2pm.
This is our first time here.

This is the stage. Its nice, but somehow it was just too small. We had to adjust alot of things, for equipments placing all, so that we wont hit each other later on stage when we play.

Hanafi is on stage bossing everyone. As u can see he is trying to get izats bass tech Rifa to do the Cha Cha dance, and izat is just speechless and trying to escape.

This is Mr Arif, Andy's drum tech. Focusing on fixing the drums. Somehow he look serious. Why so Serious? hehehehe... Arif is Hanafi s cousin by the way. Very good drummer. I think he s hungry.

Andy is helping out his tech to set the drums too.

We started the soundcheck late by the way, cos of few techical problems, but it was all good in the end.

The place is equipt with airconditioner, fans everywhere,
but somehow its still hot! Very.

We were hanging out at the air-conditioned VIP room,
but it was still Hot. I think it s the whole global warming thing.
See we need to do something before it gets worse!

There, Andy and i are sharing a giant fan. So that our tummies wudn't sweat as much. Hehehe.

Finally the band was ready to soundcheck! Rich had just arrived. It was ok for him to come later a bit since he just need to soundcheck the mic. The sound was great, everything was good, thanks to our soundman, Steven Tan. And to all our great crews.

During soundcheck, we could see there were alot of kids and the fans of other bands outside waiting. They couldn't enter the venue cos the soundscheck session was not finished yet. We love to see how enthusiastic the crowd is showing support to local bands.

This is where we wait for our turn to play. Mc is busy serving everyone wih food, so that they can be happy again. Look at rich, he is dancing while eating, too happy i guess. He s doing the 'shake your Bon Bon! shake your Bon Bon!!' thing.

While waiting for our turn, we had interviews and photoshoot session backstage too from few medias.

Interview time! Asking us bout album, singles, the normal questions la.
Photoshoot. Smile everyone!! hehehehe

Rich and i trying our best to look like tourists! hahahahaha! doesnt look like it ei? more like orang utans beside a river. hehe!

Ok enough of all that, lets see how the crowd respond when the band is on stage.

Did you see the crowd?! amazing isn it?! They moshed non stop, and creat the mini wall of death when we played our set!

Full house bebeh!!! It was fun! Crowd was great.! Superb.

After show, we took pictures with Adli, from Xfresh who have been supporting the indie bands since from the very beginning. Nini, Ong and Naomi from Star world thank you very much!
With few other bands, and X Fresh team who put alot of work for the event to be such a Success.
Thank you everyone, we had so much fun.

We were touched to see tremendous support like this towards our local bands. The indie bands need this kinda a support to create the scene. Thanks to the organisers too who were willing to sacrifice alot to see this kinda event survive , keep it up and definitely there will be more great talents creates from the scene

Thank you, thank you.
Long live Indie bands. Forever!

Din Hormatov

Friday, August 15, 2008

Lelaki Paling What?!?!

It is confirmed. One of us is very the sexy!!!! Okay!!!! Notice that there isn't a D at the end... tsk tsk tsk...

And no awards should be handed without its honourable throphy...

Arghh damn it, I'm sure he'll get more chicks now!!!! ;)

Livesounds at Sunway

Recently, at Sunway, Estranged had the privilege of performing with Indonesian poprockers Samsons. Awesome...

Sound check time... We made sure it happens.

Rowan, our guitar technician. Hehehe. Fellow state man.

With Bam, vocalist of Samsons and Irfan, lead guitars. Izat doing the bond pose.

The Family.

Cindy from Indonesia, of Deteksi Productions, who of course was extra nice to us during our recent trip to the neigbouring country.

Samson and Delilah... Hmmmm... Delilah is Din.

Joe of Saint Loco, another band from Indonesia. He was around for the MTV Asia Awards. Performing with PopShuvit.