Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Various Shows

Hi guys.. thanks for coming to our previous shows.. we had a great time.. here are some photos during the crime of the event.. haha..

This is during our soundcheck at Sunway..

Din: Mmm...

Awin: Eh.. apa tuh??

Arif & Hanafi: huh?

Rich: ook.. ook..

Rich: errr... guys help...!!

Din: haish... susah betul jaga budak nih..

In the end Rich safely got to the ground..

and there is a lesson here.. dont mess around with Rich coz Andy and our manager lost a total of RM100 from this bet!! hahahahahahahahaha....


Our bassist couldnt make it for the soundcheck.. so Rich had to try it out..

Anyway.. i think this year Rock The World 8 was good eventhough they couldnt get much from the sponsors.. well good job Fat Boys.. hope next year would be greater!

Jom Heboh

We met up with BUNKFACE at Jom Heboh, Bukit Jalil the other day..

So far this Jom Heboh was a bit different.. we were glad that the crowd stood up eventhough they were not allowed to stand.. yeah.. REBEL!! hahahahahaha.. hidup rakyat!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Take a wild guess....

Who can guess who is Cicakman?!?!?

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Levi's Big Bash Party

It was our second time performing at KL Tower, and this time it was the Levi's Big Bash Party. We were lucky enough to be on their roadshow. So we travelled to Penang & JB recently and now the last stop is in KL. Here's how it went.

Let me introduce to you, Laurel & Hardy. Bunch of happy nerds.

The wait is long for our soundcheck. Rich is fresh from a flight from KK.

Thanks to Melina of Tempered Mental for helping us out on the bass.

We got to hang with our former guitarist Adzrai (next to Din), older Estranged fans would probably recognise him with an afro.

Live on stage. Thank u to everyone who sang along to our songs and also jump to our beats.

See ya soon. Peace.